Family Road Trips: Four Car Features Ideal For The Long Haul

30 November 2016
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Purchasing a used vehicle is a great budget-friendly way for families to purchase a car that can be used for many years to come. When looking at different vehicles, it's important to figure out what some of the main uses will be. A vehicle that a parent uses for work will be vastly different than one that is needed for family trips. If you and your family take a lot of road trips or day trips, then you want a vehicle that everyone is comfortable in. Learning about a variety of vehicle features will help you and your family make the best decision on the vehicle's needs and comfort during these long trips.

Extra Storage

A whole family can accumulate a lot of extra stuff while on a road trip. Along with food and recreational essentials, you also have to consider the transportation of emergency products like first-aid kits or road kits. Purchasing a used vehicle with a lot of extra storage can go a long way in providing you with the comfort needed to pack as much as your need. When looking at vehicles, it's a good idea to check for extra floorboard storage. These are deep compartments found in the back of the vehicle and can typically be accessed by someone sitting in the back seat. Once lifted up, the storage compartment can be used to store napkins, small snacks, or essential items like sunscreen. Side storage panels and extra trunk space can also make a big difference.

Some vehicles may also be equipped with a cool box. These storage boxes provide cooling options for drinks and food items. Some of them operate using 12 volt electrical power while others use concentrated air from the air conditioner to keep items cool. This can be an essential option if your family travels a lot during the summer.

Power Options

Devices have become another essential part of a family trip. Cameras, tablets, and phones are just a few of the devices needed to enjoy a road trip. The best way to keep them powered and prevent constant cord swapping is to find a vehicle with plenty of plug-in options. For example, some vehicles may come equipped with USB outlet access for the back seats of the vehicle. This allows everyone to charge and have easy access to devices. This can make a huge difference while on the road. For an extra option, you can look for a vehicle that has built-in Wi-Fi access. This allows everyone in your family to connect to the internet and stay active on social media if needed.

Seating Options

Cramming your car full of family members may seem like a great family tradition, but you also want to make sure that everyone is comfortable. When browsing through used cars, it's a good idea to consider ones that have third-row seating access. This can greatly expand your ability to sit everyone comfortably. Even if you only have two children, expanding to the third row can help make each child feel comfortable. It also makes it a lot easier to travel with extra books, toys, or accessories like blankets and pillows.

Backseat Options

Front seats of vehicles often have access to plenty of extras, so it's important to check out the backseats and see what options are available there. One thing to look for are sunshades on the windows. When driving or getting stuck in traffic, the use of sunshades can really help children block out the sun and extra heat. This is also really helpful if you are transporting infants or small children that cannot move easily away from the sun. It may also seem like a small thing, but extra cup holders in the back seats will make it a lot easier to hold drinks or smacks while on the road trip.

With a little extra consideration, you and your family can easily find the best options for your road trip adventures. For help finding used cars, check out a company like Alaska Dispatch News.