Three Expenses To Consider When Buying A UTV

27 May 2017
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If you're ready to purchase a utility task vehicle, also known as a UTV, you'll need to decide how much you want to spend. However, when setting your budget, there are components to take into account aside from the UTV. Remember to consider these items when determining how much you can afford to spend on your new UTV.

1. The Cost of a Trailer

Unless you plan to exclusively use your UTV at your home or place of business, you'll need a way to safely transport it to other destinations. A UTV trailer is a simple way to move your vehicle to your desired locale. Make sure that you have a vehicle capable of towing the weight of the trailer and UTV.

There are multiple options for your new UTV trailer. A wooden or aluminum trailer works well for hauling your UTV short distances. These trailers are lightweight and come in multiple sizes to provide a proper fit.

If you plan on transporting your UTV longer distances, you may prefer to invest in an enclosed trailer. An enclosed UTV trailer protects your UTV from the elements, and it keeps the UTV safe from debris when you are on the road. Some trailers even come outfitted with additional storage for equipment and tools.

2. UTV Insurance

If you plan to use your UTV exclusively for fun, you may feel like you don't need UTV insurance. However, if your UTV causes damage to someone's property, you can be held liable for the damage. Imagine that you accidentally run over a rock, and it hits your neighbors car. UTV insurance would cover the expenses associated with this mishap.

Should you have an accident on your UTV that results in bodily injury to your passenger, UTV insurance will help cover these costs. You can request a UTV quote from the company that you hold your existing home or auto insurance with.

3, Maintenance Expenses

To keep your UTV in good condition, you'll need to make sure you perform regular maintenance and promptly complete any necessary repairs. Even brand new units require maintenance to ensure that they run their best. If you decide to purchase a used UTV, you'll want to have enough funds on hand to cover scheduled and unexpected repairs.

If you're worried about repair and maintenance expenses, you can learn to do some tasks yourself. Changing the oil, oil filter, and air filter are all simple chores that you can learn to complete yourself. Once you learn how to do these tasks, you'll only have to pay for parts instead of parts and labor.

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