Should You Buy A New Or Used Motorcycle If You Are A First Time Buyer?

9 July 2017
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When you first get your motorcycle license your first thought is most likely to buy your first motorcycle. Your next thought will probably be, should you buy a brand new or a used motorcycle, especially since it's your first time. There are some advantages and disadvantages to each choice and you must weigh them before making your pick:


Your first consideration when buying new vs used motorcycles will be your price range. Brand new bikes will definitely be more expensive simply because they haven't been owned before, but also because used bikes will need some maintenance sooner than new. While buying from a dealer might seem more expensive at first, a used bike will need to be serviced once the mileage is into the tens of thousands range and it can actually end up being more expensive to buy a used bike than a new from a dealer. Also, bear in mind when you buy used, you will most likely have to pay the entire price up front, while at a dealer, you can usually make payments over time.

Bike's Condition

When buying a new bike, you don't tend to have to worry about the condition of the bike, as they are kept in immaculate condition. You won't always get that guarantee when buying a used bike, especially when buying from a private buyer. If you go to a dealer, you are more likely to get a bike in good condition, but if you have answered an ad on Craigslist or in the newspaper, for example, the bike might be in as good of shape as the ad says it is. Dealers are required to tell you if the bike has been in an accident if it's used but private owners might not give you this information. Also, when buying new from a dealer, you will get up to a year warranty on it.

Your Maintenance Skills

You should consider your own maintenance skills in repairing anything that goes wrong with your bike before you buy either a new or used machine. A new machine is not likely to need any major work – or minor work for awhile after buying it, and since it's under warranty for at least a year, you can take it to the dealer to get it fixed. If you buy a used bike, you are more likely to have to repair even little things more often and sooner than a new bike. If you have expertise in fixing these bikes, then a used one might suit you just fine, if not, you might be better off buying new.

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