For A Great Deal: Finding The Perfect Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

15 January 2019
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When you are in the market for a vehicle that is new to you, it's time to find something that you can depend on. Many dealerships will offer their own version of a Certified Pre-Owned program, and this will make it easier to know what you are getting when it comes to your new vehicle. Whether you visit a Nissan dealership, Toyota, Chevrolet, or other, you can find a vehicle that has gone through a rigorous inspection and is ready for you to drive off the lot. It's important to understand what your warranty covers if one is offered and what the CARFAX history states when it comes to your pre-owned vehicle.

Your CARFAX Report 

Many dealerships will offer you the CARFAX report to show you the past history of the vehicle you are interested in. This is often a detailed report that shows mileage, all previous owners, any accidents the car has been in, the type of title that is on the vehicle and the maintenance history. This is a valuable document and lets you know exactly what you are getting when it comes to a pre-owned vehicle. You will know if the vehicle has been salvaged, or if it has never been in any accidents.

Roadside Assistance to Keep You Safe

Some Certified Pre-Owned programs offer you roadside assistance. The most common length of assistance is for 7-years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. You'll be able to call for help and get your battery recharged, tires changed, or even fuel delivered to you. Talk to your salesperson to see if their pre-owned vehicles come with such assistance.

Always Test Drive a Vehicle You are Interested In

When you find a vehicle you like, take it out for a test drive. It doesn't matter if you love how the car looks or it is in perfect condition if you don't like how it drives. The car should feel comfortable to you, and you should be able to picture yourself in this vehicle for at least a few years.

When you are looking for a vehicle that you love, a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is an excellent option. Visit a dealership to learn more about a vehicle on the lot and take one out for a test drive. The sales team will be able to tell you the details about the car and show you the CARFAX history. For a dependable, quality vehicle, consider one that is Certified Pre-Owned.