Is Your Newer Nissan Leaking And Spotting Fluids? Call A Nissan Repair Shop Fast

12 January 2022
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If your Nissan is only a couple of years old but you notice fluids in your driveway or wherever you park, you want to get it in right away. The dashboard of your vehicle should be warning you that there are low fluids, and you want to get the vehicle checked to make sure you aren't at risk of doing permanent damage to large units under the hood like the engine, transmission, or radiator. Take action and do these things today.

Check for a Recall

If you have moved, aren't registered with Nissan digitally through email, or missed the paperwork and there is a recall with your model of vehicle, this is something that the manufacturer will be willing to repair for you. Look online to see if the leak that you're dealing with comes from a faulty component that has been recalled or call your local dealership or approved repair shop. They should have information and will be up to date on recalls for that model and make.

Monitor Fluids Before the Appointment

When you keep seeing piles of fluid and you aren't sure where it's coming from, check the fluids manually if you know how to so you aren't damaging the vehicle before the appointment. The following are indications of where the fluid is coming from:

  • Yellow to brown transparent fluid is usually brake fluid
  • Light brown to black is oil from the engine
  • Coolant can be green, pink, blue, or orange
  • Red or reddish-brown is transmission fluid

When you call to make the appointment tell the schedule what color the fluid is so they are prepared when you arrive.

Ask About Off-Brand Parts

The mechanics will diagnose the problem when they can see under the hood and when they lift the vehicle. If there is a fluid container that needs completely replaced because of a crack or broken seal, ask if a Nissan manufactured part is a must-have item. There are many off-brand parts that are just as durable and reliable as manufacturer parts and will provide the same function for your vehicle.

Have the Electrical System Checked

Your vehicle should be alerting you that your fluids are low. The mechanics will run a diagnostic electrical scan to see if there are electrical issues that need to be repaired as well. This could be restoring the computer to factory settings, replacing sensors, and more.

When you have a vehicle that hasn't been on the road for many years you don't expect it to have problems, and you want to get it repaired right away to maintain the vehicle life. Call the Nissan repair professionals in your area and find out why you have fluid leaking everywhere you go.