How Can You Make A New Truck More Fuel Efficient?

9 September 2022
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If you are looking to get a new truck, one aspect you may be looking at is fuel efficiency. Some trucks may be less aerodynamic than other vehicles, and their towing ability and off-roading capabilities may reduce fuel efficiency. Thankfully, there are some things you can look for when shopping for a new truck that can improve your gas mileage. 

Look at Hybrid Trucks

Hybrid vehicles use internal combustion engines and at least one electric motor with a battery pack. The electric motor is able to take some of the stress off of the combustion engine, which ideally, should improve fuel mileage. While some people think of SUVs and sedans as hybrid vehicles, there are hybrid trucks available on the market as well. 

Consider Investing in Modifications

Your dealership or a local mechanic can help you modify your truck to improve the gas mileage. You might want to modify your truck by using a free-flow exhaust system. In these systems, there is less resistance in the exhaust pipe since the mufflers are removed. While you may notice improved performance at higher speeds, the main downside is that this modification does cause the truck to be noisier. Another modification to consider installing is a cold-air intake system. This modification brings cold air into the combustion chamber and engine. Since the cold air has a higher oxygen density, the resulting combustion reaction is more efficient.

Choose the Right Oil and Tires for Your Model

When you are buying a new truck, talk to the dealership about maintenance recommendations, such as which tires you should put on your car and which oil products you should use. Oil products that are more viscous tend to impact the oil pump and the overall efficiency of the truck. Keep in mind that heavier truck loads do tend to require thicker oils, but if you aren't planning on towing a lot in your truck, then the manufacturer might recommend a lighter oil to improve fuel efficiency.

Along with oil products, be sure to consider different tire options for your truck. If you want to use your truck on unpaved surfaces, you'd want to look for tires with the lowest-rolling resistance rating, but ones that would still be sturdy enough for off-roading. Tires that incorporate silica and those that combine natural and synthetic rubber can be beneficial for fuel economy since they tend to have a better grip on roadways.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for a new truck. Contact a local auto dealer to learn more about trucks, including finding out more about a GMC Sierra for sale.