Things To Consider When Shopping For A New Utility Trailer

4 April 2023
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Purchasing a new utility trailer to use around your property or to haul oversized items is an excellent option for people who do not have trucks or need a more convenient method of moving things. Often a utility trailer offers some beneficial attributes that can make them work better for you, and you can load the trailer before you connect it to your vehicle so it is ready when needed.

Trailer Size And Capacity

When considering a utility trailer, one of the most important things is to find one that is large enough for the things you need to haul and has the weight capacity to support them. If the trailer is too small, you may find over-loading it with materials, equipment, or cargo will make it difficult to tow, and too much weight can damage the suspension. 

The trailer capacity does not always mean you can tow it. The rating is what the frame, deck, and suspension can carry, but you must also consider the vehicle's towing capacity you will use to haul and the tongue weight after loading the trailer. 

The tires on the utility trailer can also affect the weight capacity. If the tires are too small, they may not have the strength to carry the load on the trailer. Overloaded tires often get hot and fail prematurely, so check the load rating before loading the trailer and upgrade them if necessary.

Hitch, Wiring, And Lighting

When selecting a utility trailer, check the lighting and electric brake connections on the trailer and your vehicle. If the electrical connections are not correct, you may need to have the trailer dealer change them for you. 

It is also vital to ensure you have the right trailer hitch to support your utility trailer and guarantee it tows smoothly. A trailer hitch on the vehicle bumper is often not strong enough for a fully loaded trailer, and you may want to ask the trailer dealer if they can install a receiver hitch on your vehicle.

The receiver hitch allows more flexibility when towing, and it is connected directly to the frame of the car or truck, making it much more robust than other hitch systems. Receiver hitches allow you to change the ball size and hitch length quickly, so you can use it for the utility trailer but change it for larger loads like a camper.

Trailer Materials

When looking at new utility trailers, you may want to consider aluminum frames and decks because they are resistant to rust and corrosion, require less maintenance, and can reduce the overall weight of the trailer and load. Aluminum is strong and will last for many years, and if you decide to sell, the resale value is often much better.

For more information on utility trailers, contact a professional near you.